King Abdullah Convenes First Interfaith Conference
July 16, 2008
King Abdullah Convenes First Interfaith Conference King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia and the World Muslim League has extended an invitation to Rabbi Arthur Schneier of the Park East Synagogue to speak at an Inter-Religious conference being held in Madrid, Spain from July 16-18, 2008. The conference will feature representatives from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths as well as other major religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism as they examine the common grounds that unite them.

“It is our challenge as religious leaders to hasten, and not delay, the end of conflict, so as to avoid needless human pain and suffering. Reconciliation is only possible if we religious leaders, who believe in coexistence, together strengthen the bridge-builders between civilizations,” said Rabbi Arthur Schneier. “We must isolate and marginalize the peace wreckers in our midst and we must be vigilant against those who would wreck our accomplishments by misusing and abusing religion for nefarious purposes. In the face of injustice and the trampling of human dignity and human rights we cannot indulge in the luxury of indifference.”

“King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud’s personal presence at the conference,” Rabbi Arthur Schneier stated, “Gives new impetus to broadening the dimensions of existing inter-religious dialogue and reinforces the premise that religious communities and leaders can and must play a role in easing world tension.”

Rabbi Arthur Schneier has been involved in ecumenical outreach for over forty years. The Rabbi made world news in April when he hosted the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Park East Synagogue, the first time that a Pope had visited a Jewish House of worship in the United States.

Rabbi Arthur Schneier, is the Founder and President of The Appeal of Conscience Foundation, which has worked on behalf of religious freedom and human rights throughout the world. This interfaith coalition of business and religious leaders promotes peace, tolerance and ethnic conflict resolution. The Foundation believes that freedom, democracy and human rights are the fundamental values that give nations of the world their best hope for peace, security and shared prosperity.
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