Enrique Pena Nieto Wins World Statesman Award 2014 By New York-Based Appeal of Conscience Foundation
January 09, 2014
Latin Times
The Appeal of Conscience Foundation has named Mexican President Enrique Peņa Nieto as 'Statesman of the Year' for 2014, which will awarded to the Mexican leader at a ceremony in New York in September. The cross-religious organization, founded by RabBi Arthur Scheiner, stated that it had decided to recognize Peņa Nieto because of his leadership in taking "difficult decisions that seek to advance his city and his country."

Appeal of Conscience Foundation President Arthur Scheiner explained "President Peņa Nieto will be recognized for his inspiring leadership, his new vision and for being a key figure in the global responsibility committed to economic and social development." The religious leader also emphasized the contributions of Mexico's President to "peace and international and intercultural cooperation based on human rights, liberty and tolerance."

The ACF recognizes he work of individual who support peace, prosperity, liberty and promote tolerance, human dignity and human rights, both in their own countries and internationally through cooperation with other leaders. Peņa Nieto reacted to the award in a statement saying "I am honored by this recognition from the Appeal of Conscience Foundation and from Rabbi Schneier," wrote the President. "Liberty, peace, prosperity, tolerance and human dignity are values that I personally share and that my government supports."

Among those leaders nominated this year were ex-French president Nicolas Sarkozy, ex-Brazilian leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Prime Ministers Stephen Harper (Canada) and Gordon Brown (UK) as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Begun in 1965, the ACF attempts to bridge cultural differences and promote religious freedom, human rights and tolerance while promoting democracy around the globe.
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