Prime Minister David Cameron
September 24, 2015
It is a great honor to receive this award from the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, especially in a year when youíre celebrating such an important milestone. Your cause is more important than ever. We live in danger and uncertainty, with dictators waging war on their own people, states invading their neighbors with impunity, more safe havens opening up for terrorists, more people joining the extremist death-cult, standing opposed to everything we believe in.

With that global picture, freedom, democracy, the rule of law, the rights of minorities, things that have been vital to the success of our countries and the happiness of our people Ė these are not inevitable. They need to be protected, nurtured, fought for Ė every single day.

And that means doing three big things: first, it means having the ability to defend ourselves, and that is why we are ensuring Britain has the military capacity it needs. Second, it means maintaining our place on the world stage. Yes, that means opening new embassies and promoting our values, trying to help solve problems, settle conflict, but it also means keeping our commitment to the poorest in our world with our aid program.

We made that promise of aid at a difficult time, but it was a promise made and a promise kept, and that meant children vaccinated who would have died, children educated who would have been cast aside, and refugees cared for who would have been left with nothing.

And Iím so proud that Britain is the only major advanced country on the planet meeting both its NATO target on defense and its UN target on aid. And third, it means being more positive in promoting our values. And thatís where the work of this foundation comes in, drawing together like-minded people, showing how a desire for peace and tolerance transcends religions and regions. Thatís what you do, and thatís whatís so important at this time.
For me, the new front is the fight against corruption, the cancer at the heart of so many of the worldís problems today. And thatís why Britain is leading the way in creating a partnership of nations to promote transparency and openness, the key to many nationsí success.

Over half a century, one person has done more to uphold these values than most. Rabbi Schneier, let me thank you for what youíve done and continue to do. You are an inspiration. And congratulations to Laurence Fink and Alex Gorsky on your awards, too. I hope we can make this an occasion to renew our commitment to promote tolerance and protect the freedoms we hold so dear. Thank you once again.
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