Mr. Stephen M. Ross
Thank you, Dan. With an introduction like that, I should just say thank you, and thank you for being here tonight. Thank you, Rabbi Schneier and Steve Schwarzman. But really the real thanks tonight really goes to my wife, Kara. Kara is here tonight. It is her birthday. When I told her what we were doing on her birthday, she was very gracious and said, ďIím really happy and thrilled to join you.Ē So Kara, I thank you. I love you, and Iíll make up for it.

Iím also pleased that my two daughters, Jennifer and Kimberly, and my future son-in-law are also here tonight to join me, and thank you.

Iím really thrilled and humbled to receive this award based on the people who have received it in the past as well as the fellow recipients today of the awards theyíre getting. Itís a real, real honor. Rabbi Schneier, you and the foundation are really an inspiration to all of us as you work every day to make this world a better place and bring today what was needed so much is the stability, the civility and stability that we need so much.

When I look at what Iíve done in the past, I really feel that when you have a problem, as Dan said, you have an obligation, and you can have an impact on doing something. You have an obligation to yourself and to society to really give back, and I think all the people in this room today really share that. The one thing we all have in common is weíre here tonight because we really believe in giving back.

I know when I had the issue with the Dolphins, you think when things are down and what you can do, I think you get your best thoughts in being able to really think in what society needs, and I think this is what the Appeal of Conscience does for all of us, and I really thank you for all of that. Itís a real honor for me to be here and to accept this award. I know itís a long night of speeches, so Iím going to be very short and just tell you how honored I am, and I really believe that together all of us can really make this world a better place, because thatís why weíre all here. Thank you.
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